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Ghost Ship Tattoo was founded in 2012 by a group of talented artists and friends who were looking to build a custom tattoo studio that held the art form of tattooing to a higher standard than what many collectors are used to. We don’t carry any flash books in shop, instead we work diligently to make all our tattoos 100% custom to fit our customers preferences.

We are the area’s only fully disposable Tattoo Studio, which means everything we use to tattoo our clients, sans machine, is a single use item. We strive to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and customer safety and are open to any questions or concerns that our clients may have about the tattoo process.

For inquiries and pricing, we encourage all clients and potential clients to stop by the shop and work with our staff on answering any questions you may have. We base most of our pricing by size and body location, based off a pricing chart that is available in our shop at all times. Otherwise for larger pieces we charge by the hour at a flat rate of $125 an hour. We do not price over the phone, nor do we book new appointments over the phone (unless it is a work in progress) A standard non-refundable deposit of $50 dollars is required to set up and new appointment, and we prefer to do this after our client has had a consultation with their desired artist about their tattoo project.

For any other questions, comments or concerns; please stop by the shop 10-10 daily or 12-8 on Sunday and talk to one of our friendly counter staff!


Cliff has been my artist for the past few years and I really have no desire to go elsewhere. Every project that we've started has far exceeded my expectations. I really enjoy the shop too, very comfortable, definitely a chill atmosphere.

Paul C.

Steve Bradley did my sleeve and I don't stop getting compliments everywhere I go. He took my idea and translated it far better than I could have imagined. Super satisfied, I recommend him to all my friends and family.

Justin E.


  • Cliff Evans

    Cliff Evans has been tattooing since the extinction of the dinosaurs. He himself is a caveman. Beware if you look like a sabretooth tiger, as he may try to kill you for food and pelt. Portfolio
  • Drewski

    Drewski likes to party. But party is too scared to Drewski. Portfolio
  • Steve Bradley

    If you're a fish, duck or a deer, watch the fuck out. Ladies and gentlemen, the exclusive yet illusive Steve Bradley... Portfolio
  • Chris Hernandez

    All hail the Prince of skinny black jeans! Portfolio
  • Jude Aurilio

    A noble practitioner of the traditional tattoo arts. Keeping it OG. Portfolio
  • Randy Templin

    This bearded wonder kid is known as EL RANDO SUPREME to his international clientele. You can call him Randy. He's cool with that. Portfolio
  • Alex Burdett

    Not just a rad artist, but an avid surfer and ocean lover, this little grommet is killing the game right out of the gate. He also looks like Little Dicky which is pretty cool. Shaka brah. Portfolio


Do you do Walk-in tattoos?

We sure do. Just depends on who is available. Call the shop or swing through to check in with us about availability.

Walk-ins are first come first serve, so we can’t save you a spot same day.

Appointments must be done with a consultation and then a $50 minimum deposit to set up the actual tattoo appointment after your consultations. You don’t need to book a formal appointment for a consultation, just call ahead and make sure the artist is available for a consult.

Where are you located?

Check out the CONTACT section of this website for google map and contact info!

Do you do Military Discounts?

Fuck yeah we do. This is America.

10% off for Active/Retired Military, Police, Fire Fighters and EMT.


How do you price?

We price by size and body location. We have a pricing chart in the shop so you can get an idea of how much your tattoo will potentially cost.

For larger pieces, we go by the hour. Everyone at the shop is $125 an hour.

What do I need to have for valid ID?

One of the following (ALL MUST BE A PICTURE ID):

A State-issued Drivers License.

A State-issued Identification Card.

A Military ID (Active Duty, Retired or Dependent)

A Government-issued passport




Do you tattoo minors with parent’s consent?

Nope! Sorry, we will only tattoo clients who are 18 and older. No exceptions.

Do you do piercing?

Nope! Sorry. Just awesome tattoos.

Contact Us

Feel free to call the shop or stop by with any questions!

We are open 10am – 10pm daily, 12pm – 8pm on Sunday.

Off only on major holidays!

Address: 515 London Bridge Rd.

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454



Phone: 757.486.2137

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