• Cliff Evans

    Cliff Evans has been tattooing since the extinction of the dinosaurs. He himself is a caveman. Beware if you look like a sabretooth tiger, as he may try to kill you for food and pelt. Portfolio
  • Drewski

    Drewski likes to party. But party is too scared to Drewski. Portfolio
  • Steve Bradley

    If you're a fish, duck or a deer, watch the fuck out. Ladies and gentlemen, the exclusive yet illusive Steve Bradley... Portfolio
  • Jude Aurilio

    A noble practitioner of the traditional tattoo arts. Keeping it OG. Portfolio
  • Alex Burdett

    Not just a rad artist, but an avid surfer and ocean lover, this little grommet is killing the game right out of the gate. He also looks like Little Dicky which is pretty cool. Shaka brah. Portfolio